Rory Starks - UI/UX Designer

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About Me

I am a UI/UX Designer with a passion for creating engaging and immersive experiences. On this site you can view some of my projects.


I have designed and developed interfaces and experiences for dozens of games and applications. My work has received numerous awards including a BAFTA nomination.


Graphic design, UI/UX design, rapid-prototyping, front-end development, and team management are just a few of my key skills.

My Skills

UX Design

Research, user flows, and low-fidelity mockups.

UI Design

Wireframes, graphic design, and style guides.

Rapid Prototyping

Interactive and animated prototypes in software such as Origami, Invision, Unity, and Adobe Animate.

Front End Development

Development and implementation of user interfaces in mobile apps, websites, and desktop software.